When your customers log on to shop from you, it doesn’t mean they want a non-interactive experience. These days, a rich and meaningful connection between shop admin and the customer is becoming more and more expected. Embedding tools built specifically for this can boost your relationship with your customers, draw more customers to your site and increase trust in your brand. Bonus - if you choose BawkBox to be your trusted widget platform, you’ll be able to customize your widgets to better match your site.

  1. Ratings and reviews widget

You work hard to sell products that not just satisfy but delight your customers; why not reap the benefits of their positive experience? Your happy customers can leave you a great rating and testimonial with this widget, telling others that your products are the best. This is Bawkbox’s most popular widget, which shows shop owners and others love it - check it out here.

  1. Contact box

Customers should have an easy way to contact you and get answers to any questions they have about your site. By utilizing a contact form, you can easily route all inbound customer questions straight to your inbox. Try it out here.

  1. Feedback

Customers are the most valuable resource for feedback. Make it easy for them to give you useful feedback by using a sticky feedback widget (like BawkBox’s) that can be accessed at a moment’s notice from any page. Try it out here

  1. Customer chat

Direct chat is quickly becoming the standard, and many customers expect an immediate and robust way to get answers immediately. The quickest way to respond to customer concerns is to use a customer chat widget on your site, which you can do here

  1. Public chatroom

Improve your SEO and save yourself valuable time solving customer issues and questions by having other users do it for you. This is a great way to help create and keep a valued online community around your product. Add your public chatroom here

There are a ton of other widgets out there, but these 5 should give you an immediate advantage over other shops who don’t interact with their customers. Creating simple and strong channels for your customers to get in touch and receive support will only benefit your business and brand.